Senior Attorney

Since becoming a lawyer in 1987, Nick Bostic has litigated on behalf of the government and on behalf of individuals at all levels of state court and administrative systems as well as in federal district and appellate courts.  Litigation experience combined with tenacious, thorough research and preparation has resulted in success on both sides of the courtroom.

Criminal charges and government misconduct are very serious matters. The protection of your rights requires firm, rapid, and experienced representation.

On the street— Seven years of experience as a police officer in a suburb of Detroit was a learning experience second to none.  Hundreds of arrests for all levels of crime, traffic enforcement, undercover and plain clothes assignments along with hundreds of hours of continuing education can now be on your side.  Training and (former) certification as an emergency medical technician and firefighter round out a municipal emergency services/law enforcement experience that helps to identify any issue that can arise in litigation against the government.

In the courtroom- with over 22 years of litigation experience, hundreds of trials, hearings, motions, and arguments have been held in many different forums and jurisdictions.  Advocacy in the courtroom has been aimed at judges and juries in criminal, civil, administrative, and appellate arenas.  The ability to be confident in the courtroom translates into better negotiations and resolutions when it is best to avoid a trial.

Research and publications—

The Ever Evasive Right to Counsel Under Implied Consent: Sites v. State, ‘85 Det. C.L. Rev. 903 (1985).

A Criminal Defense Attorney’s Duty to Produce Damaging Physical Evidence: It Is Not As It Seems, ‘87 Det. C.L. Rev. 819 (1987).

Alcohol-Related Offenses: Retrograde Extrapolation after Wager. 79 Michigan Bar Journal 668 (June 2000).

A weak indigent defense plan has a broad reach.  Briefs insert to Ingham County Legal News(May 2008) p. 1 -2.

MSU ordinance 15.05 ruled unconstitutional. Briefs insert to Ingham County Legal News(November 2009) p. 7.


Cleveland State Community College, Cleveland, Tennessee

—Associate of Science, cum laude – Criminal Justice 1976

Madonna University, Livonia, Michigan

—Bachelor of Science – Criminal Justice 1981

Detroit College of Law, Detroit, Michigan

—Juris Doctor, cum laude 1987

—Law Review  –  editor – one semester

—managing editor – three semesters

Ferris State University, Big Rapids, Michigan

—Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration 2005

Expert witness qualifications—

U.S. District Court (E.D. Mich.): Excessive Force (by stipulation) July 2000

Kassab v. City of Royal Oak, et al., # 99-40438

30th Circuit Court, Ingham County: Analysis of cellular telephone records

People v. Dontrell Crosby, Docket # 07-000483-FC


Adjunct Professor – Ferris State University  – Winter, 2002; Winter 2003.  Instructor for LLAW 251, Criminal Law and Procedure for the Legal Assisting Program.

February 17 – 21, 2003 – Faculty for Cross Examination Course for experienced prosecutors.  National College of District Attorneys, National Advocacy Center, Columbia, S.C.

February 2 – 6, 2004 – Faculty for Pre-Trial Preparation.  National College of District Attorneys, National Advocacy Center, Columbia, S.C.

January 24 – 28, 2005 – Faculty for Trial Advocacy II. National College of District Attorneys, National Advocacy Center, Columbia, S.C.

September 27, 2005 – Faculty for Federal Law Enforcement Analysis Training (FLEAT).  Four hour block of instruction to 40 investigators and analysts on conspiracy law and controlled substance forfeiture. Michigan State Police Training Academy, Lansing, Michigan.

October 2 – 6, 2006 – Faculty for Trial Advocacy I. National College of District Attorneys, National Advocacy Center, Columbia, S.C.  Presentation: review of direct examination.

March 19, 2007 – One hour presentation on Daubert & the Defense Expert for Prosecuting Attorney’s Association of Michigan.  Program entitled Cross Examination Skills held at Crowne Plaza, Novi, Michigan.  40 attendees.