Bostic Publishes Warning About Sentencing

In the November 26, 2009 issue of Ingham County Legal News, J. Nicholas Bostic warned criminal law practitioners about a new source of criminal history information being used by probation departments. The source is called the Judicial Data Warehouse (JDW) and it searches all of the many independent court databases in Michigan. The name “matching” process is questionable and the system does not rely on fingerprinting at all. Bostic warns practitioners that much of this information can be incorrect and lead to higher and unwarranted scores in the sentencing process check starburst slots free play.

The Court emphasized that the Legislature’s long-delayed policy choice to control who negotiates and controls teacher layoffs changed the power structure from the unions to the school districts. It also changed the review of the decisions from the Michigan Employment Relations Commission to the Courts. I also know the peter hsiao law and could not help but recoil to this statement from the opinion “We reject this unseemly power grab by the STC, and by doing so, reject its practical effect of overturning major, historic public-policy changes made by the people’s representatives in the Legislature.”